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First level

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It was fun to play but there's way too much health available. Medkits all over the place and megapowerups as well. A supercharge, another one + megaarmor, megasphere right next to another megaarmor, another supercharge and yet another megasphere. 90% of the time I was at 200/200.

I'd say monster usage is well executed, and overall the design had an 'oldschool' feel to it. Some may call it noobish and random but I liked it.

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I agree with Belial's post pretty much in its entirety.

The amount of health would be more appropriate if there were some battles where you were likely to take very heavy damage, and had no way to tackle them safely. Revenants and arch-viles would be useful in this respect, and cutting off the player's retreat would also make sense in some cases (you don't need to physically bar his path with bars or a door to do that - just have a monster or two appear along the natural line of retreat).

If you don't want to make it an intense combat map, then lose a lot of the power-ups (replace them with smaller, but still useful, bonuses).

There is also an awful lot of ammo, to the extent that the player doesn't have to use any judgement about which weapon to use. There are some tools that can give an idea about a map's balance. A good one is Yonatan Donner's dmtha. It's only a very rough guide, but here it would for instance have told you have there is more than twice the amount of ammo you need to kill all the monsters, and that's even without allowing for any infighting or use of the fist/chainsaw.

But overall a promising map.

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