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(Another) Doom story pt. 3.1

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Howdy, this is another, short installment of the (Another) Doom story series.

(Another) Doom story pt. 3.1

Again the door-control panel leading to the detention center was damaged by whatever had forced its way inside the security station, but I had no trouble getting past it. The door slid easily to the side, revealing the austere gray walls of the detention center's main lobby area.
The lobby was a small 5 x 5 meter room, with a desk, a chair, a rules plaque, and an American flag off in a corner. An armored door to my right led to cellblock A, and beyond that, a maximum-security cellblock B.
I remembered spending time in cellblock A about a month ago, after I got in a barfight with some punk from USDM unit 33. I knocked his teeth out and spent three months in a cell.
I chuckled to myself as I remembered my first days in the Drop Marines. I thought I was a big-shot, way- back-when. I could have taken anything on, climbed any mountain, swimmed--swum? Swam? Any river. I was THE MAN. Not so much now, what with fireball throwing demons and dead civvies. I had welcomed myself to hell.
A pain-filled groan from behind the desk abruptly jolted me out of my thoughts. I hussled over to the paper-covered desk to find a man, wearing a UAC security guard uniform. He had a few blood stains showing through claw-marks in his gray kevlar vest, but he seemed alright, just stunned. The kevlar is what saved him.
The man had black hair which was matted with sweat. He was of light build, probably not very good in hand-to-hand combat. He looked Japanese, but most oriental nationalities look alike. I made no assumptions.
I bent down and did what I could to patch him up while he groaned unintelligibly; he was still getting over the shock of having been mauled by--whatever mauled him.
I sat him up in the desk chair and he started to speak more-or-less coherently.
"What happened?" He breathed, looking at where I had put field bandages on him.
"Something scratched you up real nice, but you're okay," I replied, relieved that he was speaking and functioning normally again. "What is your name and rank?" I asked, keeping it military.
"My name is Christopher Ho, and I'm a sergeant in the security team here. Where is everyone else?"
I ignored his question and, not thinking, handed him my sidearm, a powerful Beretta 92FS.
Silently noticing my mistake of arming a civilian, he handed my pistol back.
"I already have a piece," Chris said, patting his holster, which miraculously had not been taken by whatever attacked him. He was no dumb bunny.
"Now, what's happened here?" He asked. I obliged, briefing him on what we were sent in to do and what we had just killed. I also briefly mentioned the interference that kept us from entering, but it didn't matter too much at the time.
Mister Ho took my briefing better than I thought. He didn't even flinch when I told him about the eviscerated UAC civvies. He had a soldier's mentality, I could tell.
"Do you remember anything?" I asked after I was done with the report. He shook his head regretfully, saying,
"No. All I can remember of the whole incident is something heavy hitting me in the back of the head, knocking me down, and I remember something sharp scratching my stomach and chest. It's all a blank after that."
I nodded grimly, sizing him up and determining how good he would be in a firefight. Chris had a good head on him--I was glad whatever had attacked him let him keep it. He seemed fairly confident--not a quality you want going into a gun battle. But I was fairly sure he would be able to hold his own--he knew the ropes already. I let him keep his peashooter.
I still needed more information. "Do you have any idea what happened before we came?"
Again, he shook his head. "I'm just a security guard. I don't know what was going on down there in the labs before all this happened. But I'll bet money that the monster you described came in through the third gate. I've heard that UAC was experimenting with it, but I never checked it out myself."
The third gate. The gate UAC wasn't supposed to mess with. Those stupid corporate bastards let a demon in through the gate, and there were probably others with him. I figured then that, if what Chris was saying was true, we'd have to shut the Gate down somehow. But how….?

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