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Want to contribute to Xmas Doom 2005(/6)?

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I am considering finishing my Xmas project from last year.

But I've been busy up until now, and I'm still busy but I was still considering finishing the project.

What is left, is:

Expanding the city level, change the gameplay a slight taaaad, change the storyline, and new textures.

I could use help with the textures and storyline. Help with textures to save time, and help with the storyline to get more ideas.

Texture work would mainly be making some building-windows light up. All windows are dark at the moment. There would probably be more stuff for you to do, as I progress and see what I need.

In the end, if it becomes complete, I probably could use someone to do a WAD cleanup and such, because I'll probably be exhausted and probably will be working till the twentythird or twentysecond.

The plan from last year was to make new sprites as well, because the Batman Doom sprites are way too tall. But that's too late for me, but if anyone else wants to edit them, feel free to.

[email removed by request]

Here are some screens; the first area is basically done, while the second is in progerss:


Hope to hear from ya!!

I forgot to mention. I'm also looking for an old man to record a "Hohoho!" sound.

Do not e-mail me any files.

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