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A note about the posts name. It basically means (P)art 1, (C)hapter 1, (S)ection 1. The (4) means that this is the fourth post in the series (making reading the posts in order much easier for the two or three of you who actually care). This follows Background 3. Now on to the story...

Life, Death, and the In-between

Chapter 1: Package


"Sir, our scanners register a ship, most likely a class B freighter, headed from Deimos space towards Phobos. It doesn't seem to be a registered shipment… why would they ship something to Phobos? Aren't all salvaged materials sent directly to us?"
"Hmm… it's a military shipment most likely."
"Should I set up a communications channel to confirm?"
"Let them be. Obviously we aren't supposed to know about this."
"Yes sir."

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