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ZDoom translucency

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Translucency can be turned on or off but cant find the command for percentage.
The wiki doesnt have much on it.
Anybody know how to do this?

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I was hoping for an easier way.
So now i will have to use dehacked or decorate to define translucency on each thing or actor.
Thanks anyway.

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Entropy said:

The wiki doesnt have much on it.

I assume you're referring to this:

  • TRANSLUCENT - actor is translucent.
  • ADD - actor uses additive translucency.

    Default is NORMAL

  • ALPHA value
    defines the opacity/intensity for render styles TRANSLUCENT and ADD.
    Range is [0.0, 1.0]
    Default is 1.0

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Sir_Alien...i shouldnt have said that about the wiki.
Should have said that it doesnt have what i want to know.
I want to increase the tranlucency for the glass walls and tubes in the Caverns of Darkness patch for zdoom.
I dont know what things properties to alter to accomplish this...so was looking for a general command(translucency increase) for the zdoom engine.

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