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UV Max for map03 of Hellpak

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Here's a UV maxdemo for map03 of hellpak (which can be found in the newstuff at the moment). The map is a fun map indeed (well over 1000 monsters), and quite fun to record as well.

There are two monsters that are alive at the levels end, an Archvile and a Revenant that he revives. Both of them are inside of a pit, that is inside a room which isn't accessible.

The demo is 40 minutes long, and was recorded using the latest version of zdoom.

Another good map by Bejitas_Wrath.

Sent the demo to Ops.

EDIT : Did the level again a little while after sending the last demo, and got one that's a little bit better. It has 100% kills and it's a bit faster.

Sent the demo to Ops.

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