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WOWED! The Legends Of The Doom Mareng!

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The retired Doom Mareng got some mushrooms from his imp wifeses and he ate them. All of sudden the imp harem faded away and all the walls scrolled heavily to the left. Something colorful was hanging from the ceiling... Almost instantly he heard a loud:"AMMMMUUUUU!" in chorus. There were two paths to go... a bloody path into a hanging leg with seven brains or an occult path ending into grey trees. Doom Mareng quickly grabbed the stuffs from the ground and ran for the Rocket Launcher. But this path didn't go anywhere, he thought and turned back and saw a BFG-9000. "Ahaa!" he screamed loud and blasted the cybercows with his new gun. There were just too many. He had to make a run for it. The odds were 1 to 100... "NOW!"

Can he make it??? Are you up to the task?

Get the wads from here if you're brave: WOWED.zip!

Of course he can make it, he's the DOom Mareng!

On the other side the situation calmed down into a gentle white fuzz. Oh no! The shadows of the cyberdemons haunted into this warm place. It hadn't seen the Doom Mareng yet, but he was ready with his BFG-9000 and hundreds of power cells. The Doom Mareng mind raced about what to do. The shadow creeped in one meter away from him. There are many things to do here... but they're up to you!

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