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what are your thoughts about doom 3

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You could have searched. But to save you the time...

The bad points some people found were;

No replay value,
Not DooM... (not enough killing)
Missing enemies,
Sucky enemies,
Cheap scares,
Ugly weapons,

The good are;

More of a plot attempt than DooM,
Interesting enemies,
DooM tense dodging action,

I believe that Doom 3 is an excellant game. I like all the new enemy designs, I feel that the weapons are improved from DooM.

All the pros and cons boil down to personal opinions. I find that replaying Doom 3 is as good and rewarding as any metal gear solid game... thats very good. I have heard that it is repetitive and the imps were over used, I have never felt this at all.

As for the enemies, I don't care that some were left out, I never liked the old spider demons. Shame about baron or pain elemental... but thats what editting wads and mods are for. Also if you have wierd and wonderful bright multicoloured enemies your not really striking fear into the hearts of sinners are you? The enemies were designed perfectly, I mean we're going to Hell not the circus. The only problem with the enemies is that there is too much machinery in them, I'd love to see what an organic Pinky looked like.

It is not DooM, it is cramped, dark and you can only fight a few enemies at a time. It does however still retain the fast paced dodging action found in DooM (remember when you lean your body to get DooMguy out of the firing range?), especially in later levels. The atmosphere is good, the clanks, flying objects and bodies, and exploding whatnots and screaming whosits, I feel, were used very well. It isn't OMG NIGHTMAREZ scary but your bound to jump or swing round to see whats behind you. :0

Also I'm a guy who likes stories, which is why I still sit for hours admiriing MGS3's cutscenes. That is why I like Doom 3, because other main characters are telling you whats happening, taunting you, the PDA things etc. The story is being constructed around you.

Anyway my opinion differs greatly from the majority of this forum. I'm not that old school.

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Well doom3 didnt have enough action but it was very in depth story, I thought it had replay value but some didnt. If you want action I suggest you buy the expansion ressurection of evil, It doesnt try to scare you alot and most of the time its just blasting enemies away.

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I remember in a preview article that was written before Doom3 came out, it was mentioned there was a scene with a naked woman laying on an operating table. This part didn't make it into the final version and hence I dislike the game greatly.

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