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post any cheats you know

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Go into ZDoom and type into the console "kill". It'll kill all of the enemies in the level.

...but seriously, in this day and age, getting cheats for this game should be easy as hell. Just Google "Doom cheats" and you'll get every one out there in a matter of seconds.

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Julian Hope said:

Hey Doomer490,

It's all nice of you to post like crazy but beware not to fall into spam. k?

Holy shit, it's Julian! I thought you were dead.

Anyway, we've had a bazillion cheats threads, and they're really easy to find now.


IDDQD - God Mode
IDKFA - All Keys, Armour, and Weapons
IDFA - All Weapons and Armour
IDBEHOLD followed by:
A - Computer Map
S - Berserker Pack
L - Light Amp Goggles
R - Rad Suit
V - Invulnerability
I - Invisibility
IDDT - Full Map
IDCLEV(episode/map number) - Level Warp
IDMYPOS - Gives your (x,y) coordinates in hex
IDMUS(map number) - Changes Music

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Opening the maps up in an Editor and making the ending switch right at the start is also a neato trick I picked up for those really tough ones. :D

Or you know, just looking at them from it. :D

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If you are using zdoom, I found a few cheats you can use.

in the console type this:

alias godplus "give health 1000; wait 1; godplus"
then just type godplus in the console.

alias slowmo "freeze; wait 1; slowmo"
use slowmo in the console to activate this one. :O

oh, can't forget this one:
alias attack!! "sv_infiniteammo 1; sv_fastweapons 2; give all; attack!!!"

and then...

alias attack!!! "+attack; wait 1; attack!!!"
where attack!! is the codeword to start this bad-boy up.

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