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Dutch Doomer

New map from me

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Im working on this map for Zdoom, its a bit of an strange idea I got.
First intention was to make the entire map from black and red textures, which looked nice at the beginning.
But I decided to throw some other colors in it as well, and came to the idea to make an tech map that is slowly consumed by hell.
So at one time your walking trough an hell infested area and before you know it your in a tech part again.
Its still in its early stages so far the map is about 25% done now, some areas are not quite like I want them to have.
I am always happy to hear some feedback good or bad :)

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That first screenshot is indeed very cool, but please don't use particle fountains or colored lighting in the playing area; they look like ass IMHO. Also, don't fill your level to the brim with monsters like in your previous maps. Let the player just enjoy the scenery once in a while.

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Im going to remove those particle fountains I agree with you there.
And no the colored lighting stays in, whats so ugly about that imo it makes it even more realistic.
Or does colored lighting cause lag on slower systems??, me confused a bit now :)

It will have decorate monsters but ill go easy on "cramming rooms full of monsters"
Decorate monsters are only going to be used on uv, so players can choose to play with or without them.
Skill 3 will be about the same as uv but with stock doom2 monsters, skill 1/2 will be for checking the map out.

Im still not quite happy with the looks of screens 2 and 3(top row), meh looks rather boring/cramped.
Any suggestions on these?

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Mivalekan said:

That sky texture just gave me an erection.

Oh good, you're not the only one then.

This map looks magnificant as usual, Dutch. I look forward to its completion.

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