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Artic Wolf thingy

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Hi Its MaDMaX here

its great to see you Guys are taking Artic wolf a Doom 2 sennario and redoing it with ZDoom.

it would be cool if you Guys could incorperat an intro and cutscens and a objective window so you can see you objectives like in Cold As Hell and adding snow falling to that would be Cool and animated skys

so anywhy thats all I'm going to say for now

I as waiting for someone to do this for a long time

so keep up the goood work Guys

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Not that I have any authority around here, but chances are this would be better placed if it was posted in the actual official project thread. Only a few lines down the page y'know.

EDIT: And, whaddya know, he put a similar post in the official project thread after all. This is why I don't talk, because when I have something to say it's irrelevant or stupid or both.

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