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Imp riding a Pinky

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Hello, all. Let me introduce myself. I'm moogoob. Shapeless told me about this forum, but unlike him I'm not a sculptor. This peice was made while watching TV (like most of my art) and was inspired by the ending cinematic in the Cdoom mod for Doom 3. Enjoy. :)

It was made with pen and Prismacolour marker on layout bond. It was done rather quickly (thus the crappy shading on the Imp) but I kind of like the way it turned out.

Oh, and "Thanks Imageshack". :)

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Comiclez said:

This is the best Doom picture I've seen this year.

Scuba Steve! We need a sprite!


Awesome job and welcome to DOOMWorld!

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Rotting Corpse said:

I just found my new background.

Join the club. :p

Glad people like it. I'm working on another drawing with sort of a monage of Doom monsters (and the Macubus from Doom 2). I'll post that one when it's done.

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This has some sort of visual wholesomeness about it that I just can't describe. I've never thought of the idea of slower monsters jumping on others to their benefit. You are a god in my eyes, and I would like to shake your hand.


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:| looks like the new impse to me :P

But seriously, this reminds me of Warg (sp?) Riders from LotR, I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. Respect ++ Good show.

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Yeah it has. Remember the two-headed Chaingunner riding the Arachnotron in All Hell?

This is the first piece of DOOM artwork that I've seen that uses penu- demons as steeds.

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Lol Shapeless.

If anyone's played the Cdoom mod for Doom 3 (much recommended BTW), there's a funny cinematic at the end after the Phobos Anomoly, and one of the parts of the cutscene features an imp riding the Doom 3 pinky. That was used as sort of an inspiration, so I can't take all the credit myself.

I do, however, love the classic Pinky Demon looks- that questionable physiology just screams "unholy" to me. The way I draw imps is sorta like a cross Classic/doom 3 sorta way- I love the eyes and thorns and brownness of the old imps, but prefer the agility and attitude of the new ones.

This cavalry would run around trying to bite you, while also forcing you to dodge fireballs. Might be fun to try and hack into the game.

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I'm really happy that the Demon in your drawing doesn't look like a "penus".

Hopefully we'll see some more cool and inventive artwork from you in the future, eh?

Thankfully your art had nothing to do with demon poo.

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