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Koko Ricky

Lousy Doomsday performance

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I'm a little perplexed here. My computer, at least in the past, has been able to run Doom 3 with relative competence. However, as of late, Doomsday has been running very poorly. During the entirety of gameplay, the framerate can range from about 24fps to about 1 frame every five seconds, often jumping from one extreme to the other in an instant. When it does manage to be playable, the framerate is still extremely stuttery. After exiting the game, it may take up to several minutes to return to Windows. What could be causing it tun run so slowly if something as resource intensive as Doom 3 can run fine? Even after restarting my computer in attempt to free up RAM, Doomsday still performs like this.

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I get this too, but you have to understand that if you have got all the optional downloads for doomsday to make doom look fantastic, it's gonna use up a lot of memory especially if your in an area with lots of monsters.

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I think it runs so slowy because the processor might be waiting for interrupts
(caused by a corrupt driver, maybe the dma one) and there's nothing else it can do.

If you run the process explorer utility from sysinternals.com, look at activity from dpc and interrupts, that should be really marginal, some flashing now and then. Then look in the helpfile for the information about deferred procedure calls/interrupts. (= constant activity there or both are most of the time for some period active, have 2, 3 % values, the (in)diffenence is easy to see if you have another computer). If nothing is wrong there see post above and perhaps below. But if it is then you need to reinstall windows. It has no correct idea anymore of it's hardware or the hardware is faulty and windows didn't catched that.
Btw: I had the same behaviour and even the same thought about doom3 but with gzdoom as engine. And there is ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/helmsdeep.zip
which is older then doom3 but it uses more resources. I think there're also more ennemies in that wad then in Doom3.

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