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how would you make a little square area that can block ALL monsters and projectiles, but allow the player to go into.
i'm using doom 2

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theres a linetype to block monsters only
but if you want to block projectiles too and not block the player,i dont think its possible

unless if you make an invisible wall sector that lowers before the player crosses that area

if you want an example wad, im sure i can make something up fast

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actually, that looks kinda bad :( your probably better off not doing it that way

i think your a bit out of luck on this, unless you really want to try what i suggested :p and in that case

just make a sector lower using a a fast elevator sector type when the player gets near and make sure you dont put textures on it, or it wont be invisable

the problem with this is, when it lowers i makes a bit of a hom in the middle of it

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