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Stuck in Action Doom

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Yeah, I know that Action Doom pwns and it came out a long time ago and I should've played it before and all that, but alas, I am just now playing it and I am stuck.

okay, there's a part in the second level where you come up to a door that won't open, and next to it is a red handprint on the wall. When I hit my space bar on it, I get the message "Unidentified Handprint: Access Denied". I instantly assumed that I'm supposed to find the disembodied hand of a scientist and use it as a keycard of sorts, but I can't seem to find one. How do I get through this damn door?

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Hey man, don't feel bad, I'm just playing it as well, however I'm less leet, just cuz I can't get past the first tank in the first level without jumping.

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Scuba Steve said:

That was the worst decision I made.

nah, I found it to be cool. Finally a door where you just ignored the lock and broke through it. However, it had been cool if there was an optional way, to actually find the hand to open the door

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The first time you encounter a door requiring a hand... you do not have access and you must shoot the door open. The second time, you can find a hand.

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