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there is too many ways to make doors and elevators to list but i can tell you how to make switches

first give the switch a switch texture in 3d mode then click on the line with the switch in normal mode then it will bring up a screen then click line action or whatever it says

click on what you want it to do note must be relevent to type of line def

if you want the action to link to a sector elsewhere first make a sector example its going to be a crusher then in 3d mode texture it then click s to go in sector mode in normal screen then click the square/sector then put sector tag 1

then click switch put line tag 1 then go to actions and put on crusher you want and then it will be tagged

the guides will help you at the top example D= door do not tag 1 = once r= repeateble always keep the sector tag same as switch that its tagged to

there you go if you want more help just ask

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