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Minor Mapping difficulties...

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Okay, Here are a couple things that i have not able to find out either though trial and error or though manuals.

1.) Okay.. the see though walls ( example would be Map01 of DOOM 2 ) how is this done?? I can (barely) do some times, how is this done??

2.)another is naming maps, i dont know how to name maps.. and i cant find a think about naming maps, and i would like to name the first one im working on.. and the second one ( which would be dun around tomarrowish.. if i dont scrap it )

thank you for paying attention to this post.

Edit: Never mine on the naming maps, it wasnt what i wanted so dont mind that question ;-;

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ok the walls you are talking about....

1. The bars that you can see through IE...a set of bars with spaces...its a texture with the cyan transparent inbetween the bar gfx...like for example the texture....midgrate...or midbars (doom2)

2. To make a "false wall" like in E1m1 (the secret by the nuke pit) where Id placed a sladwall texture to make the outer appearance look as if there is a wall there but if you are to be on the OTHER side of the wall you can see out clear as day as if the wall was not there...you need to do this....

in your editor go to your "mid texture" and add some texture to the "SIDE" you want seen. Doing this will make the illusion that there is an impassible wall there when in fact you can walk through the illusionary wall to the room it is hiding...and when you turn around it'll appear as if there is no wall there at all since you assigned NO texture to that side.

| |
| |
| |
| |
-sector dividing line-<--add mid tex)
| |
| |
| |

just a lame ass diagram but the line you can do this with is the one dividing the sectors and not the solid walls...or you'll get the lovely HOM effect.

If you are doing railings....the lindef you are using can be flagged as impassable to avoid the player from falling off of ledges, passing through your false walls...like for example you use the Bronze texture in doom2 that has a round middle part cut out....its a 64x128 texture....you can make it a double sided false wall thats impassible...mainly by flagging it impassable and adding the middle texture to BOTH sides :)

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