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FLAT Difficulties

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What's happening here is that I'm trying to use a FLAT (DLDCONS1) for my 1monster contribution map. It's a mirror image of a CONS flat (otherwise the computers would be in the wrong direction, and we can't have that), so I uploaded it with XWE.

I also made sure to have the FF_START/FF_END markers (start first, flat texture (64x64), then the end marker). I also set the offset thingers in the entry to 0 and 0 (like all my other flats, which work fine).

What happens when I want to use it is that I get kind of a pixilated mess of the flat. It's a .bmp file. Kinda like the original texture was turned into wet paint then a 3-year old smeared it with his hands. If that description isn't good enough, I'll provide a screen.

What am I doing wrong? I've never had this problem with WINTEX/XWE before.

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Anything identified as an graphic resource by XWE gets the Image menu, which has the option "Save as Doom Flat". Try that.

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It's already a FLOOR entry in XWE and appears in DB's FLAT menu.

EDIT: Tried it and it worked, though the entry didn't appear to change in the slightest...weird.

Thanks Mike.

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