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A newbish question.. [which iwad do i use?]

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okay okay.. i know you guys might FLame me for this but i dont care. Im used to working with the DOOM II part of doom builder and i know what Iwad goes with that editor, but i want to start experimenting with Zdoom (doom in hexen format)i got the hexen Iwad and the doom 2 IWad. as well as the Zdoom Iwad.

okay the question is: which one do i use in order to be able to map in this format?? this totally *****ing confuses me.

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i was looking though the sector options.. for the effects.. and i found one that was instant death.. but theres a caption after it and it goes " Doesn't work in 2.0.93... " what is the rest??

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It's the ZDoom version .93 which doesn't support that feature. But we're past that version already, so ignore the message, it works now.

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