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Changing the Sky with XWE

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Click Entry|Load, and import an image that's 256x128 in size. Rename it with Entry|Rename to "RSKY1".

Is this what you meant?

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yes, thanks, also I'd like to know how to make it so that you can have multiple skys on different levels, maybe like map01 has a normal sky, and map02 has a different type of sky all together. I'd think this would require scripting...

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Normally that's not possible, as the sky is linked to the episodes, but any engines that support MapInfo lumps will allow you to specify the sky for each or any level there. There is also a way to change the sky for a sector, supported by some newer engines (Eternity, PrBoom, ZDoom, etc.), that would allow you to use different skies within one map.

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