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How to add Whacked 2 patch to my wad

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Hi. I have done some stuff in Whacked 2. Now i need to know how to patch my wad file with the changes i made in Whacked 2.

What do you use??


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Provided it is a port that supports the feature - call your Whacked patch dehacked.txt and put it into your WAD as a lump called DEHACKED. Editors such as DeePSea, XWE, or Wintex should be able to do this. If you want to test it first, run it from the command line instead.

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WinTex can do it, but it's not quite perfect. Select the data section, then go to:

Edit -> Load entry from file

The problem is that all the versions of WinTex I've tried don't recognise the DEHACKED lump name, so you have to select a different lump from the list, say COLORMAP, and then browse for your patch to import. Then rename it to DEHACKED by going to:

Guru Only -> Rename entry

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