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peach freak

Weird teleporter problem

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Hey. I made a teleporter, so I decided to use a teleporter texture for my floor texture. But when I used the red teleporter texture, it got split into 4 smaller parts. Here's what I'm talking about :


Is there any way I can make it so it is just one full teleporter tile? I've tried everything but can't find a way to fix this. Thanks!

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It is not a glitch, all flats are aligned to the 64 pixel grid.
You could try to fix it like this:
If it is the only teleportor, you could try shifting the entire level so the teleportor is aligned on the 64 pixel grid.
Or you can make the teleportor a 128 X 128 square if the teleportor was centered on the intersection of 2 64pixel grid lines.

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