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DOOM TV Commercial

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YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! I've found an old school *DOOM TV Commercial from the consoles of 90's era!! This one is from the "Atari Jaguar" console involving a priest preaching about defeating the hordes of hell. They also have 2 for doom3 xbox, Try this link:


Go to the search box, type in DOOM and it will take you the the page.

This is one of several TV comms that used to show up every now and then during the evening hours(around the *SIMPSOM's or *CRITIC hour) in the early-mid 90s for the game consoles. This is the only one I haven't seen. But I did see another version involving the same priest but it was alittle different and more funny/dramatic. They sure didn't show them very long. I bet the religious goons started complaining again about being offensive to GOD and whatnot. But I still loved those comms regardless. The strange, bizzare and absurity of the tv ads is what made them so damn cool in the 1st place! They're other doom tv commercials that came on I've been searching for the longest. There was one for the SNES DOOM and also one for the SEGA 32X, I think there was one also for the Sega Saturn and PSX but I'm not really sure.

DAMN!! those were the times!! When classic DOOM was still fresh on everyones hearts and minds, these console DOOM TV ads would come on and really used to get me all JACKED UP for playing DOOM. Especially the priest versions. very intense, funny and entertaining.

I was thinking about asking the DOOMWORLD moderators to setup a request petition for digging up ALL those LOST DOOM TV comms and put them in a sector in doomworld called "LOST DOOM TV ads" or something. Hopefully we can get them all back in the best Video RES and Audio quality possible, these commercials are pretty old. It'll be cool, something all us, especially US OLD SCHOOL DOOMERS could always reflec back on.

HOLD THAT!! Bitches!!(LOL)


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