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Nightmare Doom

Mortal Kombat: Real Life Edition

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I think I should just film a random fist-fight, it'd have been funnier and more like mortal kombat, hopefully with some blood spraying.

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Speaking of the MK movies...

You are correct -Katrina stopped production!
Plan B is New Mexico / Thailand
Probably begin Shooting Jan 2006
will keep you posted
And I am glad everyone cares
Thanks for all the support!

Chris Casamassa
President / CEO Red Dragon Karate

That's from a website who regularly stays up to date with all things regarding the third MK movie. If you don't know, Chris Casamassa is the guy who plays as Scorpion in the first MK movie and in the TNT live-action tv series (MK: Conquest) that aired for a single season.

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No more mk movies... no more mk movies...

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