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End of an era - SUNET closes its idgames mirror

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Some of you may have noted problems getting into the SUNET idgames archive the last few days.

Upon contacting SUNET I received the following back from Emil Pedersen, an administrator -

--On Monday, January 02, 2006 21:42:11 -0500 Amarande <amarande@lunasanguine.com> wrote:

> Idgames (DOOM etc.) is listed on your front page. It has been a
> standard FTP site for id Software game resources for quite some time.
> However, I attempted to access this directory to download some files
> tonight, and got simply - "Forbidden" When attempting to access via
> FTP, I also received a 'permission denied' error message upon
> entering the directory.
> ALL other directories on SUNET's download archives that I attempt to
> access are without problems.
> Has the idgames archive been shut down, is there an error, or what?
> DOOM related sites do not appear to have any sort of information
> about this, either ...


Idgames as well as other game related mirrors in our archive have
been shut down to comply with our new content policy, the dangling
link you found at our front page is now removed as it should.

We've tried to inform the sites we know pointing to us, but have not
been able to reach them all, and there are likely others we don't
know about. If you find suck site, please take a moment and inform
the owner so he/she could fix the site.

Sincerely yours,

(No, I don't think Mr Pedersen meant to call us a 'suck' site. I'm pretty sure he meant 'such'.)

Anyway, there goes probably the longest-running, most reliable mirror for idgames.

(No, he didn't say what this 'content policy' is, nor do I seem to find a link to it on the SUNET site. Not like it matters now, anyway ...)


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Shame, that was usually the one I used for getting stuff. Let's hope it's not the thin end of the wedge.

Oh well, Berlin seems pretty good, I'm off to change my favourites...

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I was wondering why none of the links on Team TNT's site were working. Am I correct to presume that replacing sunet.se with fu-berlin.de will fix any broken links?

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Yes, that will work in this case, as long as all the links are to the ftp, rather than the http address; the extra "pub/" in the path doesn't cause a problem.

One needs to be a little careful because the paths for each site aren't necessarily the same. In general, the solution is to replace the first part of the URL (i.e. ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/ or http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/) with any one of the following:



Edit: The Greek mirror (ntua.gr) had been mirroring sunet.se, but have now switched to fu-berlin.de, and so are up-to-date again. I think the Australian ones are all basically planetmirror, but with a variety of different urls and interfaces.

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Graf Zahl said:

Too slow.

And for downloads we are asked to use a mirror rather than the master server.

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Well, that may be the case (I saw that SUNET went down as well) but I am already in the process of recreating the archives for Doom and Doom2 maps on Doom Wad Station. I have a good chunk of the deathmatch levels online already and have created a php web frontend for people to check them out - here: http://www.doomwadstation.com/dm

My goal (after I finish implementing the new design on the site) is mirror the archives frequently and do a similar type of web interface on the site for those archives.

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