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Various editing questions

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I have several questions and requests:

1. I was wondering how to make my own custom sprites if someone could email me or post steps, would be great!

2. How do i make animated textures, using XWE? cant remember :S Someone please post steps, thanks!

3. How do i make it so when you walk in a specific spot, a sound plays? Like if you walk on glass, you could make a glass crumbling sound, how is this done?

4. I was wondering if instead of the chaingun being the sound of the pistol repeated, can you set seperate gun sounds? Can it be done in XWE and if so, how?

5. When i go to test my wad using Zdaemon and DB, an error saying "3 errors in R_inittexTures" appears. Dunno wtf is wrong, no errors detected in DB??

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1) If you use wintex, it's pretty easy. I can't help you with other editors since I dont use them. Open a wad file, like doom2.wad, select the set of entries you want, goto EDIT -> COPY entries. Now goto the main WinTex window and go FILE->New Wad->Name it, and then in EDIT->Paste Entries. You can just replace those drawings by double clicking on them and a MS pain will open. If it doesn,t uyou need to goto the Wintex.ini file and look for "paintbrush" or "paint" and replace it with "mspaint". To save your changes, simple exit the paint image and wintex will ask if you want to "Really modify entry?", click "OK". Takes some time to get used toand the annoying tutor might get on your nerves. If you dont like the tutor, goto HELP -> Tutorial Mode and it should say "Tutorial Mode Off". It's easier to just take a entry, goto EDIT -> Save Entry -> name a name. THen use this file as your bases for editing since the Bitmap saves the palette of the doom game with the BMP file. That's how I made all my graphics. Having a advanced imaged editor such as photoshop also helps a lot.

2)If you use Zdoom, copy the ANIMDEFS file into your wad and edit it. Or you can save it as a .TXT file and edit that with notepad or something.

3) I think you need scripting. With different ports it's different. Ican't help you much there.\

4) With Zdoom is easy. Just copy the SNDINFO file, file the entry that says "weapons/chngun dspistol" and change "dspistol" to the name of your custom sound. Then erase every entry that you didn't edit.

5) You must have named some of the entries wrong. It happens a lot.

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3) Watch out tho, in DOOM I and II the playerwalkingrate is exceedingly ear tapping. Too fast.
4) In case you don't like zDoom too much and prefer traditional shooters like Doom or Eternity (as I do :b) -- if you have Eternity try fooling around with entry sound DSCHGUN. It replaces both your and dudes' chaingun sounds.

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