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Captain Red

Username game

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Nothing interesting comes up. 90% of the images that showed up were just screenshots of my maps, which were located from my site. Oh, and this:

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insertwackynamehere said:


old image I made to plug my website :P that and my old xfire status image are all that came up. full one (the one above is my old avatar and cropped a bit)

Magical Drop 3 has to be one of my favorite video games.

Anyways, if I take off "DJ", I get this, which isn't surprising: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~aam59160/illust/haruko.gif

If I take off "Haruko", I get this: http://dj.dom.free.fr/Winnie%20the%20DJ%20(cartoon)%20-%201280x960.jpg

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edit: oh, IMAGE search, i really should have read the previous posts, heh, do an image search on my name though, it's pretty psychedelic


The cycloid is the locus of a point on the rim of a circle of radius a rolling along a straight line.

i got it from my physics text book about a decade ago when i was first starting out on the internet at uni. just went through looking for cool sounding terms and picked it. though after a decade of registering with everything everywhere it's odd that i'm not higher. though some bloke owned cycloid.co.uk for ages even though he wasnt using it and i couldnt persuade him to let me buy it from him, bah, ended up with my old force9 address for ages (cycloid.f9.co.uk) and had cycloid.biz for a while (but was poor when it came to renewal time so let it go), now i have cyclomedia.co.uk (search for "cyclomedia" and i come up third, niiice!), which is the business name i used to use when i was a freelance web developer. i also used to produce sample-based-loopy music under the same name, cyclomedia would have been the name of my home grown music publishing company, if it wasnt for aforementioned poorness...

has come up on my own-name searches for as long as i can remember

would be nice

searching for "cycloid music" suggests others have since discovered the name, fortunatley i have a new secret music psudeonym saved up in case i do get back into djing and the like

"cycloid half-life"
shows up a little info on my half life modding escapades

"cycloid doom"
does the job nicelly, interestingly i had a hit the other day though from someone searching for "doom wad name generator", heh.

all in all, it's been my bleeding internet name since the birth of the web so everyone else should bloody leave off, allright!?!?!


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Most of the images Google returned were photos of foxes (betcha weren't expecting that, were ya?). I also found these:

It's an old-school audio tape. This is what your parents used instead of MP3s and iPods.

If you want to see a big block of solid cyan, here it is. If not, too late.

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nothing came up for me in an image search. I did do a webpage search also and came up mostly with various posts from various message boards, a link to my only released wad and link to a tool fan page for a user named "hurter vileslay". I mention this cuz I like his sig:

And on the seventh day, god stepped back and said "There is my creation, perfect in every way... oh, dammit! I left pot all over the place. Now they'll think I want them to smoke it... Now I have to create republicans."
Bill hicks

btw, my username is actually a name I made up for a hero's sword. I've redrawn the sword about a hundred times since I did that one so it really is a bad representation. it just happens to be the only I have scanned and uploaded.

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