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Hello, I was wondering if one of you fine people could help me. I was wanting to edit doom (duh), but I dont know that much C++ (I pretty sure doom runs on C code). I am trying to teach my self but it's going very slow. If someone was to show me and help me I can do it. I dont have enough money to go to a college that can show me C++ either. The school I am at now is teaching me Java. I know how pathetic this may seem to you guys and gals, but any and all help is appreaciated. If someone is willing to help I'll PM them my MSN. My Aim is in my profile.

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In what way are you trying to edit the game?

You can do almost anything to it by using programs like DOOM Builder, WINTEX, and XWE. You can fool around with almost any aspect of the game (like monster behaviours, health, etc) with DEHACKED.

I'm not sure what the scripting language is, nor what you need for DEHACKED, but it can't be that difficult since a lot of people use them.

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Ah, the code. You should be able to do a lot of that with DEHACKED, though I hear it's quite tedious to make significant changes.

I wish I had some experience in this, as I can't offer specific advice, just give general knowledge.

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if you want to make a map or change graphics or something you don't need to really have programming knowledge, just an editor. If you want to edit the actual engine, you will need to know how to program, but chances are if you have to ask about where to start, you probably shouldn't start on that just yet, as it can be pretty complicated. most people here probably don't even have much experience with the engine code itself except for the source port authors and a some other people. Most people here edit the levels and stuff. Also, Java is not a bad language although Doom is programmed in C. If you know Java basics you could probably migrate to C or C++ but thats like for any language, if you know one then its usually easier to learn new ones, as concepts generally stay the same except in extreme circumstances.

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You'll get dozens of errors if you use a MS Windows Compiler, because the old graphics .h files are lacking. You should use something like Borland Turbo C(++).

How to get started? well, search for "main(" and where you find "int main()" or "void main()", that's where it begins.

But nowadays you could do a lot with zDoom's DECORATE or Eternity's EDFs. However if you want to transform DOOM into some mighty RPG or RTS (highly recommended), edit the source itself.

@DLD and insertwackynamehere: your avatars look like flipped Romania! :D

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Mr.Barcode said:

I don't think installs should be that confusing.

"That confusing"? Unzipping a few files and editing an ini is confusing? There are a few things to set up, but for a guy who is about to try and dive into the C code, it should be child's play to set up DEHACKED.

If you need some help with dehacked and the options in its ini, click the homepage link below my post and then the dehacked button. I've got a few dehacked tutorials on my page, including how to set it up.

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