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Doom Builder hangs when trying to build nodes

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I have a map that's over 3 mb in size, it's about 3.3 Mb. It also have a lot of things and enemies, over 2000 in UV skill.

Anyways, I've so far been able to expand the map in all kinds of ways, and building the nodes without any problems. Until now. Since the level is so big, nodebuilding takes some time, so I changed the nodebuilding option in Doom Builder to "Ask me to build nodes", so I could just build nodes when I was done with any new room that I wanted to build.

Anyways, just the other day I had built a new room with more enemies, and I tried to save the nodes using BSP Normal Build, just like before. But this time the program crashed with the following error:

"Application error: C:\Games\Doom\Doom Builder\bsp-w32.exe". The instruction at 004135e7 referenced memory at 001a30b6. The memory could not be read from. Click on OK to terminate the application."

What is this error? I would really appriciate some help on this. Of course I can send the map in question.

I've also tried to build nodes with Zennode and ZDBSP but Doom Builder just tells me that the nodes had not been built due to config error or so. I see in the FAQ at the DB website that this can have a few reasons. How can I configure Zennode and ZDBSP to build nodes on my map? Or did they simply refuse to build nodes because of the same reason that BSP crashed? I've used BSP on this particular level successfully until now though.

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Bloodshedder said:

You may have gone over the segs limit.

How can I tell if this has happened? Is there a certain maximum number of segs that you can have? I've read your link briefly, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

How big can a level be? In terms of raw size?

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Doom and almost all source ports only support 32767 segs. ZDoom expands this to 65535, but there are only a few node builders that will build a map with more segs than 32767 (I think ZDBSP will do it). My guess is that if you have more than 16000 linedefs, you may end up over the segs limit.

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