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Can someone try my Demon Eclipse Ep 1?

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Dittohead said:

I think he explained his gripes in pretty good detail. If the author can't take any advice away from that criticism then I'm afraid he has bigger problems.

I guess its my reading comprehension.. i didnt get much advice from it, just complaints.. so its my bad on that.

Edit: just to get more than one or two people to answer.. heres a quesiton i posted on a thread in the editing section: is it possible to have just the floor sloping and now both the floor and ceiling together? ( I will try to incorpate this into my editing when i get my pc >.o oh and this is Renagade btw. ))

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I didn't notice any advice either, other than suggesting radical changes that don't make any sense. His opinions are baseless, there is enough ammo everywhere, there are no instant death traps except for the map05 crushers, the Evilution map30 tribute is not 'sadistically poor design', there's nothing wrong with map05, etc.

All of these problems were obviously caused by selecting the wrong difficulty setting.

I don't give a damn about the map's looks, but 'ass' is definitely not the word I would use to describe them in a review. Especially when there's nothing wrong in that department either. Once again, according to udderdude everything is 'crap' or 'terrible', and that would require a complete redesign to 'fix'.

Perhaps he played on a harder difficulty setting?

I don't think he played it on NM.

Belial of all people should know that.

Heh. Other than Simplicity's linearity and Congestion's crampedness, I don't recall any comments of mine that were as negative as this. And even then I didn't say 'omg it all sucks change it now', I just said I didn't really like them, even though a few of the 1024 maps deserved a much more harsh treatment :).

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Well, maybe I did complain a bit much. But it was just a really frustrating experience to die to so many cheap traps. I never write reviews this harsh, but it really seemed like this deserved it to me.

It would not take a complete rewrite of these maps to make them more playable. The changes could be done in a day or two.

The looks of the map weren't that bad, I was mostly concerned about how terrible the lighting had been handled.

As for the maps being too difficult for me, I would have to say .. other than the cheap death traps, there was nothing difficult except for the lack of ammo. The rest of it is a piece of cake. I am not a Doom noob whining about a map I can't beat because I lack skill.

Any extrordinary difficulty in these maps is mostly due to the author not knowing what he's doing. The author's complete lack of knowledge about the bezerk pack proves this enough to me.

"Dman, you actually punch people? O_O the berserks were there just for the health since i never use it with the fist. ^_^;;;"

Wow. Just, wow.

My suggestions for improvement:

Add more ammo on skill 4, and give the chainsaw so you actually have a chance to conserve some ammo. Make SURE the player has enough ammo before they go on a non-linear path, so the player doesn't run out of ammo going down one of the paths.

Lower the brightness of all outdoor sectors by atleast 64. Balance the lighting of indoor areas. Please do this.

Change the chaingunner traps so they release something a bit easier to deal with, or remove them entirely.

Change chaingunners that are placed very far from the player, out in open fields with nothing to hide behind.

Change the doors in map04 that require switches to open, so that the switches aren't required.

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Look, I only didnt know about the Berserk, because On EDGE, the port I used before Zdoom, you actually RUN OUT of berserk after 60 seconds; Unlike Zdoom, that lasts as long as you live. As for the ammo, there is plenty of ammo on the maps. I personally managed to kill every monster, on Ultraviolent, and with ammo to spare. It's not the maps fault if you're not shooting correctly. Maybe it's because I made them.

However, the lighting, for the most part, has been corrected as I forgot to change map 5's original lighting from the original map when I added in the details.

As for the chaigunners, they have a huge spread over long distances, if you actually move around, it's unlikely they will hit you.

As for conserving ammo. Only the first 3 maps are made so you actually have lots of ammo left. The other 3 are meant to make you scrap ammo around from previous stages, but they still have enough to kill every thing on the map. I did a Monster Health to Weapon damage ratio, and they match pretty well. Again, I was able to kill all the monsters with the ammo giving. The original complaint was that there was just too mch ammo, and the maps were not challanging enough, so I cut the ammo by 1/3 and added 1/3 of the monsters.

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Very, very cool mapset indeed. I honestly found them to be the perfect flow throughout (as an episode) and great maps to play from scratch.

Nice maps man. Nice maps indeed. Ammo balance and enemy balance seemed to be about perfect.

Keep it up.

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