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Team Killed

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Sort of. Andrew Hunt of Team Kill writes that their Scourge: Lunar Eclipse modification is progressing well, as is their Kill PWAD. However, once both are finished, Andrew (DJ Haruko) will be ceasing his Doom editing activities (that's what they all say), with Melfice/Xenphire stepping up as leader of Team Kill.

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Funny, I played Kill Demo v2.0 (from June 2002) again just recently, and was wondering if work on it was progressing.

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You forgot the part of the news where I'm becoming the leader of TeamKill and taking it over. Heh.

So, for the record: TeamKill definitely isn't dead, or killed, it's former leader is merely moving on to other things and I'm taking it over for him. That leaves me and Dittohead left, but we'll be looking for more members once SLE is finished and released.

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DJ_Haruko said:

3 with me.

Well, it was 4 at one point, but we had to let someone go due to inactivity...

But then again, we haven't exacly been actively recruiting and finding people for the team. That'll be looked into in the near future though as I was saying.

@BS: thanks for the fix.

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