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How can I set the grid settings to 1 in DB. I've been editing with DB for about 6 months now and it seems that I was once able to click on the grid settings button and set each to 1 (both x and y). But I've recently changed computers and reinstalled DB on the new one and can't get the settings to be any less than 2. BTW, my upgrade was from: p166, 2 mg ATI graphics, Windows 98. To: Celeron 500, 4 meg Intel Graphics and Windows XP Pro. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks :)

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What use is a grid setting of 1? Grid is there to help you align stuff, there wouldn't be much help at grid setting 1. Just turn the "Snap to Grid" off if you want to edit maps that detailed.

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Just press the decrease grid button until it gets to 1. By default it is the ']' key .

I've needed to go down to that grid size many times. It wasn't because of stupidly intricate detail though. I suppose using the 'snap to grid' toggle would be easier, but I find the ']' way easier.

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