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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.10

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DOOM:I found my rocket launcher!Ive been looking for this for weeks!

Duke:Why do you need it?

DOOM:Well you see that shitty car down there?


DOOM:Well thats the car of the guy who was in dark forces.Kyle or something like that.
*DOOM blasts a rocket and explodes Kyle's car*

Caleb:What are you guys doing?


Duke:Yeah!Kyle's car was already destroyed!

Caleb:Oh you guys are gonna get it now!
*Kyle enters the room*

Kyle:Who shot my car!
*Duke and DOOM point to Caleb*

Caleb:I didnt do anything!
*Kyle pulls out a thermal detonator and prepares to throw it.Maga grabs it and shoves it down Kyles throat,killing him*

Maga:Cacodemon Leader got to kill Caleb and now its my turn!HA HA HA HA!
*Maga pulls out a plasma rifle and shoots Caleb until the cell runs out.Caleb looks like a beef roast that was cooked for way to long*

*Maga leaves*

DOOM:So whos car do ya wanna blow up next?

Duke:How about Bittermans?

DOOM:No way!I hate looking at him.Hes friggin nastyfied!

Duke:Well how about B.J Blackowitz's car!

DOOM:Yeah.When god said let there be pixels he turned on the monitor!Heh!

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All Right! This time it's Kyle from Dark Forces and Jedi Knight! Wished Caleb got blown up by the thermal Detonator though, but I liked seeing Caleb be a bunch of roast beef. Hmm will we have roast Caleb with Barbecue Sauce?

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