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Doom2 editing demo maps

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Here are a few maps that i've made to show the some basic effects you can put into your map WITHOUT any scripts or fancy stuff. ALl you need is a port with Boom support and it should work 100% (though 0nly tested on Zdoom). Hopefully these are helpful to those new to doom mapping.

Demos include:

-Monster-Teleport demo (Several different ways for tele-monsters).
-Doors Demo (normal and split doors without scripts).
-Lifts Demo (Lifts with crates on them and elevators).
-Stairs Demo (Several different styles of raising stairs).

Download Link:


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Now i see how to fix the monster part of the teleport monster ones, thanks alot.

im just worried with the Elevator and the Cargo box lift.. i can get the elevator one but how do you do the cargobox lift? Do you tag the line that you use for the first elevator to lower the cargo box sectors with the elevator? or is it another complete way entirely?

and o.o how did you do the split doors? i tried to read the line defs but two came up as "unknown" with a flag value of 150.

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For the Cargo lift, there are sugsectors of the "crates" outside the playable area. They are connected to sectors that dictate the Floor height of when it lowers. For example, let'ssay that the Lift lowers from 128 floor height to 0 floor height,m and the crate is 32 units heigher than the floor height of the lift itself. Thus, the sub-scetor of the crate itself should be attached to a sector that has a floor of 32 in height.

Since lifts lower to the nearest surrounding floor, when the crate section lowers, it will stop at the height of 32, thus retaining it's height difference. This doesn't work for elevators for some reason. It will work the first time, but will stop working since the ceiling also changes.

All these things sound work on skulltag since they are just normal doom2 and Boom tricks. However, theymight not work the same way if you are using the Hexen format. I haven't tried to duplicate these effects other than using scripts for hexen formatted maps.

If there are other things youwant to learn, or something that you can't get to work, I'd be glad to make more demo maps. I'm trying to think of more demos i can make using normal Doom2 and Boom capabilities.

For the split doors, try to open the map with doombuilder using Boom configuration. The line actions are numbered differently for Zdoom-Hexen format and are not defined for Doom 2 format.

The concept is really quite simple. the lines closer to the doors are the ones that OPEN the doors; one of the "raises the ceiling to nearest ceiling (you need a subsector connected to a dummy sector for this, again, you cans ee this to the side of the map), the other line "lowers floor to nearest floor" and doesnt need a sub sector since it just lowers to the floor the door is on.

The lines farther away from the doors does the opposite of the first two. One "Lowers cieling to lowest ceiling", again that needs sub and dummy sectors. The other line "raises the floor to next heighest floor", and will need a dummy sector for it to work.

TO get this to work properly, place the two sets of lines, ones that open and ones that close far away enough from one another that the player won trigger all of them before the first set has finished it's action. If this is not the case, the doors wont work correctly (the floors will lower but the ceiling will stop in mid way and close all the way down, then it wont open again).

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dude you ******* rock, .-. you seriously do, i wish i was as good as you are.. oh and i sent you the map thing for you to look over, in case you didnt get it in your wad message.

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