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HL2 mods

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Hey, I'm writing a book titled "Off-Topic Posts Containing Irrelevant Opinions". Can anyone give me inspiration?

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HL2's "garrys mod" is what the "duct tape mod" was to doom3.

The only things that made these two games fun, and kept attention attracted to them (The "killer app" for each respectivly, if you will)

But one thing is for certain, Hl2 still looks the same, wether on a 64/128 or even a 256mb video card (+/- an fps or so) but graphics/color are the same. "Valve" really wanted a "set" look as to not dissapoint on "whatever" hardware.

Doom3 on the other hand, played thru a 256mb video card (witch i recently up-graded to) will blow your ass outta the water and show you how this game truly was to be seen, and meant to be played..

For those still stuck with 128 and even 64 meg cards and lower, just wait until you can upgrade so you can experience this game to it's fullest. it is a whole new game on the other side!

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Yeah, see... that's what I'm talking about. If it's not some sort of diversion-based mod like Garry's Mod, or a quick hack like Substance, it's these extended-timeline, high-content shits that offer nothing to get excited about (except the occasional gun render). They all want to be the next Gooseman.

The especially annoying part is that for every 10 mods like that, 6 will be abandoned because the developers will fight like girls. 2 will sink into obscurity with a handful of empty off-shore servers, and 1 will invariably have something to do with WW2.

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