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New Skulltag Gamemode Test - Domination

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On Thursday January 19th at 9:30pm CST we will be conducting an open beta test of the new Domination game mode wad currently under development for Skulltag. (This game mode is more or less "borrowed" from Unreal Tournament)

Carnevil has been gracious enough to permit the use of his server to host a giant game to properly test these maps 2 of which are designed to easily handle 16 players or more.

The Wad:


The Thread:


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This gamemode is completely separate from the gamemodes being introduced in 0.97B (the current ETA for that is the summer according to the official preview post)

It is still unknown which gamemodes will be present in 0.97B. It's a well kept secret!

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Thanks to everybody who came out to make the test a success. (It was pure madness at the start!) I had an absolute blast and I hope you all enjoyed the taste of this new gamemode. :)

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