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Polyobject Door issues.

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I was making a wad, and i wanted to use a sliding polyobject door. I've made these doors before with no problem. but this one gave me issues. At a certain angle, some of the textures would become invisable, allow me to see right through the thing. I have no idea how to fix this. I tried remaking the thing, moving it, etc. All of that did no good. Is there something wrong with the nodes or what?

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No....it's not bleeding. the poly object is disappearing all together. I know there is a node building made for Polyobjects; ZDBSP i believe? But i cant find it o_o.

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Ok, i managed to fix the proble, I just deleted all the polyobject, the unused secotr it's in, and all the sectors that was touching the poly when in game, then rebuilt the thing. I idea what was wrong, though. O_o

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