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Polyobjects in doom builder

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Im busy on a doom level and im using doom builder. i've seen some polyobjects in other levels and they looked cool.Ive read the tutorial on the zdoom page but if i want to test my level it says:spawn polyob poly 0 does not exist.
Can someone help me to make a polyobject in doom builder?

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In doom builder, the Poly object Start spot and anchors uses the angle paramenter to tag it to the poly object. So if you polyobject is number 1, it's anchor and start sport objects must contain the angle number of 1. You cannot have a polyobject of 0, i think. Though i'm not sure.

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Edit, actually, there is a tutorial on the zdoom pages. Goto http://www.zdoom.org/zdkb/zdoomindex.html. It explains a lot more things than my tutorial does.

The easiest way to make a polyobject in DB is to make a sector of the correct size that you want your poly object to be, then just delete that sector. Place a Poly Object Anchor somewhere within that empty space and then just follow the Zdoom tutorials to set up the line actions.

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