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Speaker sounds icon

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I think it would be convenient if the icon for speaker sound lumps were different than the one for wave lumps. Would that be possible? Perhaps a little speaker like the yellow one currently used, but of another color.

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Sure, this is easy to do. If you look at the XWE.INI file, you see this:

(...some stuff...)
Icon : wave

(...some more stuff...)
Icon : wave

Whatever you write after Icon : is an image filename from the Images subfolder (minus the extension). They are simple 16x16 BMP files. You can make another icon and change the name, or just swap SpeakerSound's for another one, etc. If I don't forget, I'll do a different colored one for the next release.

BTW, if you click Sounds from the toolbar, it will filter your list to just wave sounds, so you don't have to worry about speakersounds.

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