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A question for someone who might know

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I realize you will see this, and growl. Just remember, I've been growling at this problem for awhile now...

Went out and got the Doom Collector's Ed...yeah, I know. I had no idea at the time Doom was ported and whatnot. Found the Doom Builder program... I like it and all, but I have some errors...

When trying to employ my simple four room level after checking all textures, heights and linedefs, I saved the bugger with MAP01 like it says to. Why is it Doom 2 under this oddball Doom95 Shell will not take mt to my nice and tidy map? Could someone perhaps be more specific to this than 'it sucks'? Do I need to register the game, or is it really that Id wasn't on the ball when they made the Collectors Edition?

Also - if you are into the Doom styled music, I would suggest going to OverClockedRemix.com and find the Doom mp3s there. Look up BloodBath. They are unique at what they do there in that site. =)

Thank you, and if possible, which is better: ZDoom or the jDoom? I've been reading a bit here before signing up. ^_^

Thanks again.

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You still needed to buy the Doom Collectors Edition anyway, because it contains the wads, which are required for any source port to run. Only the source code for Doom is free, not the graphics, levels, etc. So you wasted no money, nor did you do something that was silly.

To answer your other questions, you didn't name the wad file itself MAP01, did you? That's not what you're supposed to do. You can name the file itself whatever you want.

Once your map is open in DB, go up to the menu at the top. From there, go to Edit, then Map Options. In this dialog box, you should see something that says "Level Name:". In the box next to this is where you would type MAP01, if you wanted it to be a replacement for MAP01, etc.

For source ports, I recommend


and GZDoom.

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Aldur said:
Why is it Doom 2 under this oddball Doom95 Shell will not take mt to my nice and tidy map? Could someone perhaps be more specific to this than 'it sucks'?

The reason that 'it sucks' to most people seems to be that Doom95 doesn't allow multiple wads under its launcher (I've never tried it with -nodm though), and no apparent deh support. It's not Doom95; it's your map; I've ran many vanilla maps that include Trinity, Phobos, SID, among others; but chocolate-doom is more favorable if you ask me.
As for your map: there could be many problems, are all the features vanilla compatible? Did you build your nodes properly? Are there any replacement sprites? (I remember trying to make a weapons skin (no deh) and Doom95 crashed upon halfway of completion of one weapon)

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I'm thinking the nodebuilder is to blame, seeing as to how the syntax for it is unique.

All textures are there, but when trying to save it, once in a great while an error surfaces "Spaces are not allowed in key names". I have the file named whatever I think of, and the Level/map in the wad itself Map01. Not sure where I'm missing something. All sidedefs are conected, and made how explained in the PDF for Doom Builder.

There are no new Sprites or Textures, so I'm lead to believe it's a NodeBuilder problem, because when I hit 'Export Map' the Nodes do not build.

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