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A question concerning Heretic II

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I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post it in, but i'm having some serious issues with Heretic II. I installed it yesterday after finding it again and decided to use it. I played it before on a 1.67 GHZ WInXP Athlon processor, and it worked just fine. SO I thought it would work for a 1.6 GHZ WinXP Pentium M. However, everytime I tired to start a game, the game would just crash out. On occassion, I did get it to work, but when I tried to load a saved game, it would crash the same way "Heretic 2 has encountered a problem while running and must be closed, sorry for the inconvenience".

I tried running it under all sorts of older Windows compatibility but still it wouldnt work. I tried all the Render modes in the Video Settings and nothing worked either. I can only load the Tutorial mission with no problem.

Can someone offer me some help on this problem? THanks in advanced.

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There are dev and debug modes for starting Quake-engine games... I don't recall them off the top of my head though.
sorry, I don't have something solid to offer.

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actually.. I fixed it. I cant start a game if I had the render mode in OPENGL32 for some rason. I have to start ir using software and then turn it to OPEN gl after I get the game started.

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