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Can the radiation suit palettes be changed?

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Yes it does; you can edit PLAYPAL, which contains the palettes from where Doom reads dynamic color changes.

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I know you can. One of the first wads that i played about 5-6 years ago was Slaughter House DM; a map that was a large house filled with weapons. The radiation suit was a scuba diving tank and you needed it to get the BFG which was in the Pool. The color was changed to a blue tone.

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This can be done with Omgifol.

The following script builds a WAD that changes the radiation suit color to blue:

from omg import *
from omg.playpal import *

color = (0, 0, 255)
intensity = 0.2
iwad = "doom.wad"
output = "filename.wad"

p = Playpal(WAD(iwad).data["PLAYPAL"])
p.build_suit(color, intensity)
o = WAD()
o.data["PLAYPAL"] = p.to_lump()

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