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Dear WAD makers,

I was on Doomworld a long time ago advertising my music as a soundtrack for an episode of Doom. Like I said back then, I'm not looking to work for some dumbass or somebody who is only going to release one WAD, I'm looking for a whole episode of Doom.

I am currently working on a music project "Knee Deep in the Dead". I am the composer and I have a friend, J, that will song most of the songs. It is aimed at Arch Enemy melodic death metal but has many stomp beats like the rock 'n' roll of Entombed. For the sake of the game, the vocals will be removed and the song will be edited to loop over and over again.

All I ask is that you give credit to Knee Deep in the Dead, put a link to the website, and notify that the music is under Creative Commons license. I will add updates and samples later.

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