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Texture alignment issue in numerous ports and editors

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I have a problem with the alignment of a main texture on a two sided linedef. It's a railing, with a transparent background.

I'm making a vanilla compatible map, but I've checked it in ZDoom, GZDoom and Skulltag. In all three ports, plus both Doom Builder's and Slade's 3D mode, the texture is mis-aligned on the Y axis. Despite this, it's perfect in Doom2.exe, Doom95, Legacy, Eternity and ZDaemon.

If I use 3D mode to align the texture and make it correctly aligned in ZDoom, it's wrong in Vanilla Doom.

I've got an example WAD to demonstrate the problem. This is when it's aligned correctly in ZDoom but wrong in Vanilla:
http://www.teamhellspawn.com/test.zip (MAP14)

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Doom2 and several ports ignore patch offsets in single patch textures as your railing. For them it is always 0. ZDoom and its derivatives use this value properly. To resolve this make the patch 128 pixels high and fill the upper half with the transparent color. Then recreate the texture so that the patch is placed at (0,0)

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That would solve this particular issue and that's fine... but not any similar ones in other existing wads (that may be for either Doom or Boom.)

Definite solution: engine compatibility setting.

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