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Original Ultimate Doom Texture Set for Doom 2

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Alrighty, I'm looking to make a deathmatch megawad for Doom 2 that includes altered levels from the Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, so I need a texture WAD including the Ultimate Doom's textures to merge into my Doom 2 PWAD. I tried using XWE and WinTex to no avail. I'm not a total idiot, but for some reason I wasn't having any success.

Official Question:

I would like it very much if someone who's way less of an idiot than me would extract those Ultimate Doom textures (and flats, if they're even necessary) into a WAD that I could use in Doom Builder to merge with my Doom 2 PWAD to solve all of my woes that I recently spent about 4 hours trying to get to work. All that "PP_START" / "PP_END" business is for the proverbial birds, I say!!!

Any help is greatly appreciated in that matter. The first person to reply gets to receive me goofy-ass DeHackEd patch I made, which is guaranteed to at least amuse temporarily, haha.


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Enjay already did that. Look at his web site and you'll find it. It's a very useful wad I'm surprised that nobody (or few) used it.

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off the top of yer heads what are the major differences? apart from the baron-on-marble tex used on e2m8?

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Just so you know, altered levels taken from the original games are usually not permitted on the Archive. This in case you wanted to upload your completed megawad to /newstuff.

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