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Me and my friends play a modified version all the time at school whenever we get the chance (we only have one "official" DM who made the modified version, he is teaching me how to DM it though). MOST notable difference is the lack of dice, we use a "guess my number!" system since we can't have dice at school.

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i saw it on slashdot, i was gonna post it :) i play D+D but not as often and havent played for a bit :P but i like it. however while that stereotype is really overboard, i can relate to thier social anxiety on a smaller scale :P

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Danarchy said:

Man, I play D&D 3 times a week and I'm less nerdy than that.

Does that statement come with a fresh-pack guarentee?

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"Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your country."
Bastards -.-

Besides that:

'nuff said!

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So sad...

Cool swords on the wall though. Wish I had that instead of my cheap and crappy wakizashi replica.

Edit: Heh. Some better lols come after the first 5 minutes.

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Psyonisis said:

I consider myself lucky to have never even come close to a D&D game.

Words cannot express the pity I have for you, son.

Anyways. The best thing about (us) geeks is that we are totally aware of our social failing, but still consider ourselves superior :P

Good vid, though a bit over the top as far as geekishness goes. Most of the people I play with are... well, normal. The only people I can't stand playing with are those that mmo all day and try to bring elements of their preferred mmo into the rpg... (cough ff11)

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