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Problem with resolution out of range

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Hi, I am having a little problem. I accidently selected a resolution in the game that my monitor can not support. When I start the game the monitor goes blank so I can not change the resolution back. Is there an easy way to revert back to the default resolution without hooking up a different monitor that can support the resolution it is on now? Thanks in advance.

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Look in your doom3\base directory and you'll find a file called DoomConfig.cfg. Open it in notepad and look for a line that says "seta r_mode" followed by a single digit number. Chaneg this number to one of the following to get the desired resolution:

3 = 640x480
4 = 800x600
5 = 1024x768
6 = 1152x864
7 = 1280x1024
8 = 1600x1200

You can also set r_mode to "-1" and then set any custom resolution you like using r_customWidth and r_customHeight.

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I opened it with notepad and it is blank?
Wordpad shows a bunch of squares.
I hope im not just doing something wrong.

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