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Angus Thermopyle

Revolution! demos

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Hi! I did my first demos for Thomas van der Velden's awesome megawad Revolution! (tvr!.wad):

- Map03 UV Max in 2:52 (almost two minutes improved :)
- and a first(!) UV -fast: Map03 in 3:37. Slow, I'll try it again tomorrow.

Strange, there aren't any -fast or tyson demos for tvr! yet. So it's lots of stuff to do. Expect more in the next weeks ;)

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Wow, great times Angus! I remember map03, that was one of my most favourite maps from this wad. I am look forward to watch these demos and also hope those are not your last ones for this wad.
PS. I hope I will be able to do some demo for TVR too :)

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Thx, Gusta :)

Please join me here. The tables are too empty for such a great WAD. I even forgot to mention the lack of NM demos (except Vile's insane movies and some Legacy stuff by Grazza).

Map03 is also one of my favourites.
I just did another -fast run. Is was a great session: 5th try, 2nd exit. Time is 2:59 :) I'll try further.

Edit: New time is 2:55. Below 2:50 was possible, but I ruined it in the red key building :(

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Nice demos so far.

Felt like doing my first TVR! demo, so I took map28 and did a UV -fast for it. Initially got a 3:20, but I thought it was crap, so I redid the run and got a nice 2:48. Just a few mistakes in the 2:48, but I think it's pretty solid otherwise.

Going to send to Ops now.

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Sent my tyson demos to Opulent ... 9 demos together ... ufff
For tysons ... pity Thomas got used to place Berserk Spheres just near the far away exit place in most of the maps where it is already useless.
Very nice all demos Angus! No craps such as you wrote.

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Just happened to do another map28 run. This time, it's a NM100S run in 1:22. Crap SSG aiming at a caco by the BFG secret room, but otherwise not too bad. Should go down to somewhere in the 1:1x range I think.

Sending this to Ops now.

EDIT: Oh sure :). After doing my NM100S, I got the crazy to try a new strat for my UV -fast. It worked and I improved the time for map28 UV -fast to 2:30. Sounds nice, but there's two spots in the demo which look ugly. Breaking 2:20 could be possible with perfect play I think.

Oh, and I do nearly bite it in the end too, for those who like close calls :).

Sending the new map28 UV -fast to Ops now.

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And yet again I improve map28 UV -fast :). Time is now 2:24 with very few glaring mistakes.

Oh, and I somehow manage to run over the exit line without triggering it after killing the SM. That was funny :).

And I'll only say this, just look at my health after I deal with the SM. I don't think I've come that close to biting it from a SM before :P.

Anyways, I think the time is in the right ballpark now (Should still be possible to get sub 2:20 I think), so I'm going to leave it alone for now and check out some other TVR! levels.

Sending to Ops now.

EDIT: Did another demo. This one for map23. It's a NM-Speed in 1:03. Sub 1:00 should be very easy to achieve. Sending to Ops now.

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3 demos done this morning...

Map23 UV-Pacifist in 1:07. Still very improvable.

Map28 NM-Pacifist in 1:25. Not really all that tough except at the RL hallway.

Map28 NM-Speed in 1:14. Skipped the BFG altogether here, as the SSG is good enough to get me thru the RL hallway. Also came very close to dying several times in the final room :).

Sending all the demos to Ops now.

EDIT: Just did a quick map28 UV-Speed before I get off the computer today. Time is 1:10. Could go faster I think. Sending to Ops now.

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Two demos today.

Map05 UV-fast in 2:26. Still improvable.

Map23 UV-Speed in 0:58. Looks good enough to me :).

Sending both to Ops now.

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I added tysons on maps 14 and 17. Trying map 09 just now ...:)
Anima: very cool runs, ecspecially that fast run on map28, with this route one could beat a maxtime by 10 seconds and maybe more IMO
Angus: Standard high quality again, so carry on! :)

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Improved Map22 UV Speed/Pacifist to 0:52.

The exact time is 0:52.06. Very sad. I wasted two more hours to get a better run. But now I'm finished with it.

Sometimes the mancubus opens the door, so at least 0:49 is possible. Kristian? Grazza? Your turn ;)

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Angus Thermopyle said:

Kristian? Grazza? Your turn ;)

Hmmm... I notice there are 32-unit gaps between the bars in front of the exit door, but I'll be damned if I can squeeze through them.

On that topic, here is a crap and ugly Map07 NM in 0:38.

NM100S could be done in the same way, with a detour for the secrets. I've tried Pacifist too, but that would need two glides (which would be the optimal route also for NM) or a cooperative lost soul.

A couple of other trick ideas for TVR:

  • map06: a suicide exit through the window into the exit room. I think this will need an awful lot of luck, for several reasons, but each element needed for it to work appears to be physically possible.
  • map13 has an easy glide into the exit room, but it's difficult to reach the exit from there. It looks like it should be possible with a second glide (maybe plus an archie blast), but I've had no luck.

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