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Angus Thermopyle

Revolution! demos

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cack posted them in this very thread, but back then only mods could upload to a persistent Doomworld archive, so there was a lot of linking to people's personal webspaces. Unsurprisingly, all of those are long dead. I posess a bunch of them thanks to Grazza the Archivist, but that link also seems to be broken (possibly due to the recent move?). I'll check what's missing at DSDA and forward it to Andy.

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Some tyson fillers:


MAP03 in 6:55

MAP20 in 28:08

MAP26 in 14:04

MAP28 in 9:40


This leaves 12,18, and 30 as the undone TVR tysons.

12 - Doable? Save bullets for ending archviles.  Distract cyber and get him stuck.

18 - I got to the end twice now (edit: make that 4 times...), but need arachnotron cooperation to take out mastermind.  The arach can get the mastermind stuck somewhat easily. yay 5th times the charm

30 - Might be TAS only.  Lost souls and archvile blast damage can hurt Romero here (possibly others), but I'm not sure how to survive yet.


Edited by kmc : another one

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