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I downloaded the texture pack for quake1 and the texture pack for quake2

So i put them into my levelwad with XWE but when i open it with doombuilder
i can only see the quake2 textures and not those of quake1 what's the problem?

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The wads each include texture definition lumps (a list of the textures to be used and the positions of their patches) and patch name lumps(a list of the patches the textures use), and it's reading only the ones from the second wad you loaded. You must merge these lists and put the complete list in your wad (you either load the quake1 and quake2 wads before your wad or put everything in your wad.) Note that the Texture and PNames lists also contain info from DOOM II (else you couldn't add stock textures.) I think DeePsea creates Texture definitions from multiple sources, but I could be wrong (otherwise you'll have to complete the lists manually with XWE.)

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